Monday, October 18, 2010

Seleçoes Da Samba! DJ mix

What kind of half-assed DJ living in Brazil wouldn't sew together a mix to send off the ship that is
their blog? Twould be madness! Thus, with a click at your leisure, you may absorb a compilation of no fewer (or greater) than 17 songs to get immersed in the musicgasm that this place has produced.

Predominantly Samba, Brazilian Funk, MPB, Tropicalia, Batucada & Jazz from the 70s, but with a sprinkling of other treats from the country also.  To save space, all of the track names can be found on the mixcloud website (

The sound snippets in the earlier stages of the selections are clips from political parties promoting themselves that were on the radio just before the Oct.3rd election (No affiliation with our political beliefs) and the later sound clips are from a great film called Estomago that we borrowed from the great people renting us our apartment.

Some of the names will be familiar, but there was lots of digging for these and so hopefully there's a lot of material that you Brazillophiles haven't yet encountered. I can't think of a country more skilled at incorporating sounds from outside their borders....can you?


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