Monday, October 18, 2010

Brazil - Who knew?

Each day, We will add 1 curious thing about Brazil that we've encountered and find noteworthy.... Here goes...

'requeijão' do Brazil.
1. In Brazil, there is a delicious cheesy spread called 'requeijão' - it tastes like extra creamy cream cheese and has the consistency and texture of Cheez Whiz but  not gross like Cheez Whiz is. Not only is it delicious, it also comes either in a plastic cup or glass, which we have been saving and using as glasses - apparently every Brazilian does this too! Perfect size for cerveja!

2.Which brings me to number 2 (okay 2 entries today!). In Brazil it is common to order a large beer (500ml) to share between a number of people. Each person gets a little glass and more beer is ordered once the bottle is empty. Beer is served extremely cold and to keep it that way, each bottle is  served in a beer cooler cup (James says 'temperature maintenance sleeve' !).


  1. I saw your blog on facebook updates. Did you like cheese? If you have not tried, try the cheese bread, or in portuguese "pão de queijo".
    You will see how delicious. It is a mass that takes cheese and flour in their composition. It is a typical food from Minas Gerais, southeastern Brazil. You can buy at any supermarket in Brazil. He is ready to put straight into the oven. Eat it warm. You may want to make a small cut on it and spend a little bit, but even a little bit of "requeijão", margarine, butter or jam. Experiment with a cup of warm coffee. It´s impossible to dislike.


  2. Hey! We have seen the "pão de queijo" in the supermarket, but we didn't buy it or try it yet. It does sound appetizing, we'll put it on the shopping list and heat it up in the toaster oven. We have been eating too many 'pasteis', so it will be nice to give this recommendation a try. Thanks for being the first to make a comment on our new little blog!



  3. I don't know if Adam has seen this post yet, but I haven't noticed him racing to the bathroom with his hand over his mouth, so I assume no. I'll have to avert his eyes when we rock out to your tunes later this evening ...