Thursday, November 4, 2010

xx S xx O xx U xx L xx

After six weeks, it finally seems new humans are conquering the moat surrounding our Castle of Solitude (Thanks to Jasmine's portuguese class!). There are phone numbers now stored in the memory of the cell phone that lead to social situations when called. Playing sports at the beach no longer consists of kicking a ball into the ocean and watching it drift away, alone, to nowhere. has led to conversations and the sentiment of wishing to craft tunes rather than stitch together the handiwork of others.

So this mix will be one of two offerings for the next while. The hour has come to refocus the energy canons at activities which do not reside on the web (except for Skyping family and ensuring fresh blog posts hither n' thither). The first mix was to be a big dose of reggae & dancehall, but upon the discovery that Jamiroquai had a new album, hearing 'Fool For You' off the new Cee Lo album and being impressed by John Legend/The Roots take on some soul classics...this melange of tunes was born. As this is a Brazil-centered blog, of course some tracks have been included to satisfy that component in the form of Dom Salvador & Tom Ze!