Friday, April 22, 2011

Samba do Champlain

Whoopsidaisy!  It's amazing what returning to the employment world can do to one's blog dedication.  But, with the weather as shittay as it is, the need to reminisce and bathe in the recorded media of warmer times is absolutely mandatory.

The ambitious sound and video editing is slowly chugging along, but today's treat is a track called 'A Hora e a Vez do Samba by the maestro, Martinho da Vila from his 1973 album Origens.  This was picked up in Praca Tiradentes from my favourite vinyl street vendor.

The video is actually a time lapsed video of a sunset on Lake Champlain in Quebec from the summer of 2009.  The video was originally 20 minutes but it's now sped up into a 3 minute thang.  Thanks to our lovely hosts who gave us ample food, beverage, fishing and waterskiing/wakeboarding!

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