Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Pickup Truck & Escravos da Mauá (pre-Carnaval bloco 2011)

The first bloco (street party) of our Carnaval 2011 experience (in images & video)

Folks of any age, race or hairiness can wear ballet outfits

Upon knowing the existence of penis glasses, we immediately went to buy some.  There is a button inside so they light up....

These are the real heroes...the men & women who ensure the party is emboozed.

There are still many little beautiful nooks and crannies where you can escape the madness (avoid the nooks and crannies where you get robbed....we did not get robbed)

Big trucks carting the talented musicians who keep the rumps bouncing and the crowds singing 

This should probably be in a different post......but don't want to spam Facebook and e-mail with more things than necessary.  Made it in the airport at Buenos Aires & in the air over Argentina, Uruguay and the parts of Brasil back to Rio....featuring Little Dragon, Quadron, The Heavy, Vampire Weekend and Brazilian appearances of Seu Jorge, Milton Nascimento & Da Lata!

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