Friday, January 7, 2011

The Laranjeiras Session

It might have been mentioned, but we only had contact with one person in Rio before arriving.
A disc jockey and record collector of high caliber who was dubbed Marcello when he emerged from the womb already armed with a pair of headphones and an instinct for hunting the hidden audio gems of this world.

The very first weekend after we alighted on Carioca turf he appeared floating outside our window and said "Come forth, children, I bestow upon thee two free tickets to an afrobeat concert at Circo Voador".  Our acceptance of said tickets was immediate, and the concert brought us nought but a hearty serving of merriment.

The months have now rapidly slipped by, Marcello has had numerous parties at numerous venues where we got to feel important because our names were on the guest list.  In March we'll be returning to Toronto as the effort to find ourselves with an extended visa has gone unrewarded.  Knowing that we'd be traveling for the next several weeks and returning home after Carnaval, it was decided that Marcello and myself would take the elevator to his secret audio lair in LaranjeirasBri and spend a healthy number of hours tinkering with records and yammering about our visions on particular elements in the realm of audio.  The final product is now available for you to absorb through your ear canals.  Do NOT put it in your nose.

                                      The Laranjeiras Session (W/Marcello Mb Groove) by Mogpaws on Mixcloud

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