Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hot Primate Injection

It is 6:43am and the bus station beckons.  We are groggy... forgive any errors of wit or syntax.

 For four months  Rio has been blessed with our hooves trotting about it's steep slopes and golden valleys, the Cariocas have come to trust us and every morning you can find them waiting out in the garden for us to pet them.  I think that means 1) Nobody has robbed us yet and 2) Our Portuguese no longer causes the spurting of blood & cerebral matter from the ears' of locals.  But yeah, we're going to the bus station now and we shan't be back for a number of weeks.  That's why you get two posts.

We will certainly plonk up some rambling and images on this marvelous bloog, but without the computers it will be tough to make the highly edited, professional video and audio to which you have grown accustomed.  But click below to get a hot primate injection.

The entrance to Tijuca National Park is a few hops away from our doorstep and it is there we go whenever we have a hankering to view primates, weird birds, big fruit, hefty lizards and an unending assortment of tropical foliage.

Knowing that there shan't be too many more opportunities to hang out in there, I wandered up with my chum, Nestor, last week and we were successfully able to interact with two species of monkey...including a type I hadn't seen yet.

This video begins at our home, moves to the middle of the forest and ends up at the Mirante Dona Marta.....a place that I believe is better than the Corcovado because
1) It's not so busy  
2) It costs nothing   
3) The view is wizzonkulous

Song:  Prelude - Hypnotic Brass Ensemble (Choice Cuts)
             buy it....the whole disc is amazing!

Take care, we're off to Sao Paulo, Ouro Preto, Brasilia, Salvador, Recife and more!

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  1. album bought! I heard them a while back, but had forgotten, thanks for the video and thanks for the reminder....