Thursday, October 28, 2010

Afternoon in Centro do Rio

Yesterday James and I had arranged to meet each other outside a Metro Station in the Centro of the city. With 1 cell phone, and unfamiliar metro exits, I always anticipate missing the other person. Although James waited inside for me and I waited outside, we were finally able to find each other, and the afternoon adventure began. The objective was to get James' CV printed, and to find some sort of Halloween costume for the Baile funk we will be attending Saturday in Rocinha. We were able to find some fantastic hats (pix to be posted post-party), and a print shop. That left some time to do some aimless wandering - my favourite!

We stumbled upon an area we had been to before, at night when it was pretty deserted and sketchy. The area is called 'Travessa Commercio' and it is around some lovely old museums (CCBB),and the Praca quinze Novembre. Tucked away on a bunch of small streets were numerous little bars and restaurants where people go to have a bite /evening drink after work. Think Ciutat Vella in Barcelona, if you have ever been there. Anyways, definitely right up my alley (pardon the pun!) There's just something about old, narrow streets and dining/drink in open air that I love. We will definitely return for sure!

Another pleasant suprise on the walk towards our bus stop, to take us back up to the hills of Santa Teresa, was a cute shop /farmacia on Rua Primeiro de Março.  Granado Pharmacia /coupled with Phebo Perfumaria are two Brazilian companies founded in 1870, and 1930 respectively. Granado Pharmacia offers all sorts of wonderful smelling, natural bath & body products with many ingredients native to Brazil. Phebo Perfumaria, from the city of Belem, in the heart of the Amazon, has various perfumes, lotions, candles and diffusers, again with interesting scents and combinations that are uniquely Brazilian. Think light, flowery, delicate scents. According to the website, Phebo is a cherished Brazilian perfume brand that generations of Brazilians use. Did I mention that the design of the packaging, branding and store   for both Granado and Phebo is gorgeous,  colourful, and  reminiscent of a nineteenth century apothecary?! I will certainly be going back to purchase presents to for myself and others!

Granado/Phebo has 3 locations in Rio de Janeiro:

Pharmácia do LavradioRua do Lavradio, 32
Lapa - RJ
(21) 2224-8640

Pharmácia do Centro

Rua Primeiro de Março, 16 
Centro - RJ
(21) 3231-6746 / (21) 3231-6747

Pharmácia do Leblon 

Rua General Artigas 470, Loja A
Leblon - RJ
(21) 3231-6759 / (21) 2512-5066



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