Monday, October 25, 2010

Brazil - Who knew?

3. I know I had heard this before, but here in Rio and I guess in Brazil in general, one must  queue for everything! Case in point :  you form a line at a 'cashier' to get a ticket printed out, and then you get into another line to get your order - this goes for fast food places, bars/clubs, even in shops!

4. Number four is related to 3 - in Rio, you don't need to have exact change or a pass to get on; besides the driver there is usually a cashier who you pay and they make change for you then - although anything over R20 reis (12 US/CAD dollars) seems to be too high to break.
So, today's post in a nutshell, is about peculiar, different ways of doing things, that takes a bit of time getting used to;  at least the way they do it here twice/three times as many people have jobs!

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